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“Kind words spoken”

You are blessed Jan, because you can write and you can touch people on your mailing list where they hurt, and that is in their heart. You may save a person's life and may never know about it. You can plant love and acceptance in a person who will go on to pass that on to others they meet. You can become a generator of good that will push back darkness and despair. You can do all of that because you can put your thoughts on paper. You are a writer.

Blessings to you! N.V. (2017)

Thank you so much for continuing to share your insights even in the aftermath of such injustice. You're such a blessing and a bright spot talk to our community!

Pastor Brad (2017)

We had lots of great comments after your program on barns. Thank you for coming!!

Quincy Library Staff (2017)

I want to compliment you on the grand presentation, loved it. Even cried a bit, those old barns so remind me of my days on the farm, could almost smell the hay, etc. Will be thinking about those for a long, long time, thank you so much.

J.U. Bronson, MI

“Dear Jan,

Just a note to say thanks for sharing “Barns: A Love Story” with us. It was obvious to all in attendance that you have a deep appreciation for this part of our American heritage. Your enthusiasm is contagious.“

R. Mills, board member, Curtis Center for the Arts.

“Jan, thank you so much! You did a wonderful presentation on beautiful barns.”

Tompkins Historical Society

“I love your writing, and appreciate how you so often weave into it the "up north" aspect. I can relate so much to it …. keep up the good work! It's GREAT WRITING!”

A fan, R. Morrow

“The day you stop writing your column is the day I cancel my subscription to the paper. Yours is the voice of reason for all of us.”


"…what a pleasure it is to read what you’ve written. I see writing is a real craft with you and you are a craftswoman."

L. Taylor, FL.

"Your program tonight touched my heart and soul! You have really stirred my heart for why barns should be saved!"


"Hi Jan,

Tom and I so enjoyed your presentation last night in Parchment. Your enthusiasm and knowledge of barns were so inspiring! I've attached the link to the barn home I mentioned."

Jean H.